I had an epiphany! All of this time I have been wanting the reason to be something or someone else. Attaching and detaching myself from any and everything that threatens my peace of mind and piece of love. Allowing things to be the distraction from the real problem. That problem is you, your inability and unwillingness to love me the way I deserve. To return the loyalty, trust and security that I have provided you. Read More

   Twenty two years ago I began a relationship that had no destination at all. I did not want a committed relationship, and he didn’t want a committed relationship. We had a clear understanding about that if nothing else. I was not a woman who was going to open my legs to more than one man even if I was single! If we were making a decision to do this friends with benefits thing then we had to get clear on that. If I am not sleeping around he was not going to be sleeping around! Hang out with who you want but Read More