Social Media and dating

Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook is ruining dating;

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Cellphones can be a lifesaver and an enemy to a relationship. You just want to eat your food and he/she wants to make it public. We need photos of the food, us eating the food, the finished plate, and the dirty napkin. WHY? It is so invasive to someone who really wants to get to know you outside of the persona shown on their social media page. When did life become all about what we’re doing in a Snap vs what we are doing in full day? What happened to quality time? I will tell you what happened…Social Media. The idea that everyone is famous. The platform of Social Media has everyone believing every move needs to be advertised as if you are under a contract with the product you are advertising. Nothing is left to the imagination.

If you want to go on a date with someone start by choosing someone whose life does not revolve around a Social Media page. Most of the time a potential date is scouted out by his/her Social Media profile and postings. So you already have an idea of who he/she is before even showing up to the date. Now you have placed these expectations of his/her personality. What you see isn’t necessarily what you get! Be selective in the quality of the person you’re selecting.

They never wants to post about him/her and me, just what we do;

So this sounds like your date need ratings so he/she’s trying new experiences in new places for new photos! Beware of the need of NEW things. You might only be a prop! Decline taking photos even if it is only your silhouette. Watch him/her and see if the photo is more important than the conversation. If so, you have a problem. Politely excuse yourself even if it is rude, there is nothing ruder than being on a date with a cellphone.

 He/she is always on her phone;

Why would you be okay with someone who pays you no attention because he/she’s preoccupied with the newest post? Especially when you barely know them at this point. If this is his/her behavior when you first meet then OMG run! The beginning stages of dating is when you’re all smitten over one another and all in lust. If he/she is lusting over the phone more than you I can only imagine what will happen once you both get comfortable. When it is no longer new, when you have to find things to talk about, and when you have to eat with one another. You will be eating with a cellphone. Have standards and enough discipline to notice the problems that will arise not just the moment you’re in. If you dating to find a long-term mate you better pay attention in the beginning.

He only wants to talk through DM;

Stop responding in the DM! Either call me or don’t but I will not accept this creeping into my DM as if I am a secret. Believe it or not you probably are! Both you and a few or a lot more people. You see the DM is the perfect place to hide from the world but be so involved. I can copy, paste the same message a dozen times to a dozen others making them feel like I am really interested. LIES, the DM is where games begin. If you’re not serious and do not want to be serious then go for it in the DM but if you’re looking for quality require more. I want a phone number and I want you to answer your phone not text me back! Answer your phone. If that is too much to ask then my time is too much to ask for. Don’t send me all of this admiration through your fingers I want to hear our voice.


“Never beg for what you deserve the right person will give you what you deserve and more”