Dating is so impersonal now

 Dating is so impersonal now

   The idea of dating in this new age is scary. It seems as if everything personal has flown out the window. Phone calls have turn into text messages that you must pretend you know the tone he/she used while sending it. Was he/she angry when they sent it, were they in a rush, were they just thinking of me or did they have nothing better to do at the time. You call him/her and she text back! WTH

Even going out on a date has speedy expectations “when are we going to have sex”!

     Not only do you have to worry about him/her being honest you have to worry about who he/she representing himself/herself as. Everyone has a profile online. How many of your friends are really your ex, how many DM’s are you flirting with and how many girls on here think your their man? I mean truly with technology right at your fingertips, he/she can cheat sitting right next to you!

How the hell do you date in this day and age?

Just because times have changed it do not mean you have to settle for less. You can still require old school values in 2018.


     Set your expectations early and have boundaries. If the only thing he wants to do is text, he’s probably not the one for you. I don’t care what anyone says, you can make time for the things you want to make time for. All of this i’m busy mess, well if your that busy then you are not ready for a relationship. If you do not want a phone pal require real time. If you see his messages more than you hear his voice PROBLEM, why can’t you call me? Asking this question is pointless, their will always be a reason. Let it go!


I don’t want to only have  a conversation with you, I want to hang out. Not on the couch but outside of the house. You cannot make a real impression on someone by speaking. I need your actions to match what I hear. Watch more, listen less. If what they have told you about themselves does not match the person your hanging out with well…Houston you have a problem! Everyone can speak about their greatness but how many can be that great when it is time to show and prove? Not many!

Find out if he/she really getting to know you.

You see we text all the time and he knows me. Does he really?  When you see him face to face play a little game of do you remember. Ask questions about things you have shared with him and see if you really remembers. What do I like to do? What do I like to eat? As a matter or fact make sure that date is set up at a place he knows you would like to go. If you like Italian food, then guess what..we should be eating Italian! Don’t take me to a damn burger joint when it is your turn to plan the date! I want you to take me somewhere I would like to go based on your knowledge of me. And don’t ask me directly where I would like to go, that’s cheating! Make him/her work for it, it will allow you to get to know each other beyond the social media. I don’t care if he has to go on your social media page to find out what you like “we all post about what we like and places we’ve been”.

Make sure your friends meet him/her.

It is easy to hide behind the keyboard, typing away. Pretending to be single and interested. Well if your interested in my you will meet my friends! Not because I want their opinion but I want to know if any of them recognize you. Are you a frequent flyer? Meaning do you know many women/men? If your serious about getting to know me and giving me the notion that we can become more prove it! You see I might not be the hang out girl, but some of my friends hang out often. Have they seen you in the club frequently? Are you that guy? Have they see you out with someone else, oh yeah I want to know. There is nothing like having friends because they love to gossip, and you hate to love them. The moment when they say “Girl, we need to talk”, it’s all bad..this conversations starter isn’t just for committed relationships. lol

“Be more afraid of the person you give time to, rather than the person you required time from”