Friendships Season 1- “I do not like my husbands best friend”

I do not like my husbands best friend.
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I have been in a relationship with my now husband for over two decades now and I have always felt as if his best friend was a hater. He says he supports our relationship but low key he does not! He does little sly things that piss me off, and I feel it has been on purpose. My husband is so passive that he doesn’t see it, or just doesn’t want to see it. I am always the one who’s overreacting or trying to control his friendship. NO, I’m controlling my environment and my sanity. If I just decided to say what I feel about his friend when his friend is around he will be pissed. Instead I have resorted to talking to my husband personally about things that piss me off. At this point that’s not really working for me because I feel the way he delivers the message (of if it is delivered at all) doesn’t represent the real way that I feel! It’s a watered down version.

Reason number one on why I don’t like my husbands best friend;

While I was out of town with my family, I call home to my husband just to see what’s up as usual. At that time I had a friend who I hung out with frequently and she had friends that joined us. I mean my friendship with her was a source to the other friendships so I wouldn’t call them friends per say. They were mutual acquaintances…if that’s the correct term. So of course when I started hanging out with this group of girls his friend was definitely in the mix. He’s a single man trying to mingle, but when I fell out with this friend of mine he decided to continue a relationship with her specifically. Really the one he was keeping contact with was the girl I really didn’t fuck with anymore! Why did we fall out you ask? Because I didn’t want to take a trip with the group to Cali for the weekend when I found out that the person paying for this trip was a married man. I’m sorry, I am a married woman and I definitely do not get down like that. I believe in Karma, and just because it sounds like fun to you does not make it attractive to me. So, for that reason I was told that I was too judgmental, I thought I was better than the ladies in the group and I was full of myself. Truth be told had I known this was the way she got down when I first met her we would have never even been acquaintances. So long story short “I was better than that and if that means I am judgmental and full of myself” you are absolutely right!

Anyways, so in the midst of the conversation with my husband he tells me that his friend wants to invite my old friend and her home girl over to the house. WHOs house? My house? Nope not happening. I blew a fuse, this fool has lost his damn mind. I went off before my husband could even get 1 more word in! I will get my ass on the first plane back home and fuck everybody up! How dare this fool think that he can invite any chicks to my house where it’s just him and my husband, I wish he would. My husband said “I knew that’s what you were going to say and I already told him to not invite them”. So yeah of course I am pissed, I can’t enjoy my vacation because I am ready to go home and throw a grenade at his friend! This is just one example of the type of shit he’s done, oh it doesn’t stop there.

So, even after this incident he decides to throw a birthday party with once again the friend I am no longer friends with and tell my husband he’s invited but your wife isn’t. WTF, no he is married and a dis-invite for me is a dis-invite for my husband. I know he did the shit on purpose, all of a sudden you guys have become so close that you want to throw parties and shit together? Get TF out of here if my memory serves me correctly she was the one talking about how thirsty you were before we stopped being friends. She was just with your Homeboy and sad about him not dealing with her anymore. She was all in love and hurt over him and now you want to come and save the day. Did my husband go? Yes, after we had a huge blow up over it! I felt he should have told his friend if my wife isn’t invited neither am I. My husband’s argument was that’s like my brother, I will go and show my face but I won’t stay long. Why the hell would you even put you best friend in the position to have to make that kind of decision? It’s his selfish ass way of saying fuck you to me in my opinion. I know people say it’s not about you boo “lies that was totally intentional”. Now twenty-two years later you wonder why I don’t care for you, because you have been fucked in your behavior towards me for years. You did things that selfishly made it hard on my marriage because you always played victim. Then turn around and make statements of “I don’t know why your wife don’t like me”, oh you know why. I’m not invited but your ass show up at every function for holidays even at my family’s house I turn around and there you are! Why are you here? You made it a point to make sure I wasn’t invited to your function, so why do you keep showing up to mine? I swear I am at the point where a mass explosion is about to happen and it will not be pretty! This is just one reason I do not like my husbands best friend. Continue to follow for more confessions of real life relationships. ! Keep your eyes open for more features on “The reasons why I do not like my husband best friend”!

All stories featured on are based on true stories.

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